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Chandler Carlisle is tired of men. When she almost falls asleep during her boyfriend’s attempt at seduction, she decides to give them up altogether.

But then she meets sexy Val Kinsey. He isn’t like other men. He drives her crazy. So crazy she can’t even talk to him.

At least, not in person. But when they get online together, the fireworks just won’t stop.

That’s great, but now it’s not enough. Chandler’s ready for more, but first she’ll have to survive their second date and their incredible sexual chemistry, if she wants him to be more than just her cyber Valentine.

When Chloe Sullivan's great uncle dies, leaving her his house and a not-quite castle in the Highlands of Scotland, Chloe's more than willing to take a vacation across the pond to check it all out. When she gets there, she finds out there's a catch—if she wants to keep her inheritance, she has to marry a Scot.

And her great uncle even left her a suggestion as to who.
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A no-nonsense starship captain and a billionaire financier, Fairfax and Cavendish are the ultimate odd couple. Until an insidious government conspiracy leaves them with nothing—except each other.
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She is bound to the earth of a distant planet not her own. He travels the stars. When they find each other, they know they're meant to be together—but how?
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